Kosmos Platform
by EchoNous

Pioneering a New Era in POCUS

A Comprehensive Platform for Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Disruptive Hardware:

Extreme Miniaturization technology rigorously tested against larger more expensive cart-based systems, equipped with PW, CW, CDI, and TDI

AI Algorithms:

Validated and meaningful AI image acquisition, interpretation with extensive cardiac calculations

Kosmos UP:

Validated workflow streamlining to enhance ultrasound training and efficiency

Don't just take our word for it

Our image quality, PW and CW Doppler capabilities have been benchmarked against larger more expensive systems on over 5,000 patients in real patient care scenarios


Explore Kosmos ultraportable systems with advanced capabilities


Evolving AI platform based on novel, deep learning techniques to solve everyday problems in healthcare


Online platform that centralizes your ultrasound workflow and education practices

Why Choose

Our dedication to developing meaningful solutions in hardware, AI, and education/training, translates to offering high quality, top-tier products with AI fueled interpretations which continue to get smarter!

Plus… We Have you Covered

Purchase with confidence: a 5 year warranty and a variety of training programs from tasked-based to more comprehensive training, EchoNous ensures every user can enjoy the full benefits of Kosmos platform for years to come, with no hidden fees.

Image of Physician holding Kosmos Platform by EchoNous

And that's not all.....
take a closer look.

Top Tier Performance

Image quality benchmarked against cart-based systems

Ai-Driven Software

Evolving AI platform based on novel & deep learning techniques

Advanced Feature Sets

The only handheld offering PW, CW, TDI, Color, CPD capabilities and more

Powerful Software Solutions

Added confidence with the assistance of Kosmos Universal Platform, Us2.ai, and 19 Labs

Device Flexibility

Compatible with Kosmos proprietary display, or off the shelf Android and iOS tablets

Ongoing Training

Continuous training onsite or online

Proven Technology

Gold-standard PZT and custom-built ASIC chip

Durable & Rugged

Drop tested, water and dust proof IP67 rated for the rigors of point-of-care

Robust 5-Year Warranty

Industry-leading 5-year warranty with no fine print