POCUS in Cardiology

Clinicians can better assess and manage patients when cardiac ultrasound is performed at the point of care. Many departments within the hospital and also pre hospital, benefit from using POCUS for exams ranging from a quick look to quickly triage a patient, to more complex examinations where a more complete diagnosis is required. With the latest technologies to support clinicians, including AI, the role of POCUS is expanding.


  • Goal Directed Echo
  • IVC Collapsibility and Volume Status
  • RUSH Exam
  • Cardiac Function
  • Valve Disease
  • Monitoring Effusions
Kosmos Torso-One and Lexsa used on Apple iOS for Ejection Fraction

Kosmos Advantages in Cardiology

Kosmos will help you with all your point-of-care cardiac requirements – not just by offering top-tier image quality but also providing all the feature modalities required for full cardiac evaluation like CW, PW, TDI, and color flow Doppler capabilities. With our advanced AI for cardiology, Kosmos provides effortless reports for evaluating cardiac function and valvular pathology, reducing layers of testing and cost.

  • Image Quality

    With proprietary PZT transducer technology, Kosmos images are sharp even at increased depths

  • ONLY Ultraportable Device

    With PW, TDI, and CW Doppler to assess valvular stenosis, pulmonary HTN, and estimation of cardiac filling pressures

  • Why Wait for Answers?

    Our full suite of cardiac features on Kosmos provides immediate answers to support clinical decisions at the bedside or clinic

  • Aa

    Kosmos Trio

    Shorten the learning curve and accelerate your proficiency with Kosmos Trio: Guidance, Grading, and Labeling of the PLAX, A4C and A2C views

  • EF

    Auto EF

    Get quick answers for left ventricular systolic function at the bedside with our AI-driven gold-standard Biplane EF. Trio features can auto-capture your images

  • COMING SOON | Auto Doppler

    Auto PW & TDI sample gate placement and interrogation with baseline optimization. Get a head start on the assessment of diastolic function

Kosmos Trio: AI-driven guidance, grading, and labeling of cardiac anatomy on Apple iOS and Android tablets
Kosmos TDI on Apple iOS. TDI allows for complete assessment of diastolic function
  • Easy to Clean

    Kosmos is Trophon compatible and designed for heavy hospital use where infection control is most important

  • Portability

    Kosmos fits into tight office spaces on the compact AI stand, or as a standalone ultraportable handheld probe and tablet

  • 5-Year Warranty

    We have you covered with our robust, industry-leading warranty serviced by our team in Redmond, Washington

Kosmos Configurations

Kosmos handheld AI POCUS transducers. Torso-One phased array and Torso 3 signal technology.

Standalone Probes

Torso-One Phased Array probe for heart, lung and abdominal applications

Torso* Phased Array probe synchronizes three real-time diagnostic signals: digital auscultation, ECG, and ultrasound

Kosmos Plus provides advanced POCUS capabilities at an unheard-of cost under $20,000. Everything is included — cutting-edge AI, advanced Doppler features, multiple transducers, a 12.9-inch iPad® Pro and medical-grade stand — you’ll have what you need to get started right out of the box.

Kosmos Plus

Fully-featured POCUS configuration with everything included – cutting-edge AI, advanced Doppler features, choice of probes, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro®, and medical-grade stand – all for less than $20k   

Tailored for on-the-go clinicians, Kosmos Mobile includes an Apple iPad Air or Pro,® cutting-edge AI, advanced Doppler capabilities, choice of proves, and Kosmos Essential Carrying Case.

Kosmos Mobile

Tailored for clinicians on-the-go, Kosmos Mobile includes an Apple iPad Air or Pro®, the Kosmos Essentials Bag, choice of probes, advanced Doppler features, and our innovative AI capabilities                          

Kosmos Flexibility

Apple iOS iPads, Android tablets or Kosmos proprietary Bridge tablet available for display

*Kosmos Torso probe is only compatible on Kosmos proprietary tablet, Bridge

Resources & Insights

How is AI transforming POCUS? What’s ahead for providers and patients in ultrasound technology? We’re here to answer these questions — with our in-depth resources.