POCUS in Cardiology

Clinicians can better assess and manage patients when cardiac ultrasound is performed at the point of care. Many departments within the hospital and also pre hospital, benefit from using POCUS for exams ranging from a quick look to quickly triage a patient, to more complex examinations where a more complete diagnosis is required. With the latest technologies to support clinicians, including AI, the role of POCUS is expanding.


Common uses of POCUS for Cardiology 

  • Goal Directed Echo
  • IVC Collapsibility and volume status
  • RUSH exam
  • Cardiac Function
  • Valve disease
  • Monitoring effusions 

Kosmos Advantages in Cardiology

Kosmos will help you with all your point-of-care cardiac requirements – not just by offering top-tier image quality but also providing all the feature modalities required for full cardiac evaluation like CW, PW, TDI, and color flow Doppler capabilities. With our advanced AI for cardiology, Kosmos provide effortless reports for evaluating cardiac function and Valve pathology, reducing layers of testing and cost.

  • Image Quality – With proprietary PZT transducer technology, the Kosmos images are sharp even at depth.
  • Only Ultraportable Device – With capabilities to assess valvular stenosis, pulmonary HTN, and estimation of cardiac filling pressures Kosmos offers Pulsed and Continuous Wave Doppler and Tissue Doppler Imaging.
  • Why Wait for Answers – With our full cardiac features and calculation packages for quantification and measurement of cardiac structures and valve assessment, Kosmos provides immediate answers to support clinical decisions at the bedside or clinic.
  • Cost-Effective Solution – Save time, money, and resources with access to information and reports at the point of care, patients can be assessed, in many cases, without transporting them to the larger cart-based machines.
  • Us2.AI – Increase speed and accuracy of your cardiac exam and eliminate operator variance. The US2.AI software on the Kosmos is gathering data and delivering reports on cardiac function and valve disease -as the data is acquired. No waiting for answers or spending valuable time manually measuring.
  • Kosmos TRIO and EF – Kosmos Guiding, Grading, and Labeling of heart structures directs less experienced users to achieve optimal imaging planes and automated systolic function reports.
  • Availability – Use Kosmos as an ultraportable device, or wheel to the bedside on our space efficient AI stand. Kosmos is always ready and available.
  • Easy to Clean – We designed Kosmos for clinical scenarios where repeated cleaning is required. With this in mind feel free to clean the Kosmos Bridge and probes as frequently as you wish.
  • 3 Signal Synchronization – For training purposes, the optional Torso Probe can display image, ECG and digital auscultation on the screen simultaneously.
  • 5 Year Warranty – The point of care environment can be hard on any product. We have you covered.
Kosmos AI Stand, Kosmos Carrying Bag, and Kosmos Bridge

Preferred Configuration

Kosmos offers two options for Cardiology to suit user applications.


Torso-One Phased Array Probe

  • 2-5 MHz probe with Top Tier image quality, color, Pulsed and Continuous Wave Doppler plus TDI. Small footprint for easier access of intercostal windows)
  • Adult Cardiac imaging
  • Assessments of cardiac function and valve disease with AI



Torso Phased Array probe

  • 2-5 MHz probe with Top Tier image quality, color, Pulsed and Continuous Wave Doppler plus TDI. Slightly larger footprint probe to incorporate ECG and Auscultation technology.
  • Adult Cardiac imaging
  • Assessments of cardiac function and valve disease with AI
  • Integrated ECG
  • Integrated digital auscultation

Kosmos Bridge or Android tablet for display (Android compatibility with Torso-One only)

See Android Compatibility

AI Station or Kosmos Essentials bag

Image of CW Doppler on Kosmos Bridge with Torso-One transducer