About Us


Success is best when it is shared.

EchoNous was founded with this spirit of innovation to reinvent the status quo in healthcare. Our team has a history of revolutionizing healthcare, with experts from various backgrounds and proven areas of expertise to deliver transformation across all points of care.

Our primary goal is to design, manufacture, and distribute innovative and high quality medical devices to meet or exceed our customer needs. We aim for excellence, quality, and leadership in producing safe and reliable innovative solutions.

The Pillars of our Core Values

The aim is pursued by the support of our dedicated staff, holistic processes and procedures, and our interests in understanding the needs of our customers to provide the best technical solutions.

1. Exceed Customer Expectations

2. Focus on the Mission

3. Improve Continuously

4. Create Continuous Cross Functional Teams

Innovation Principle: Jobs to be done

Ever day, the most-routine procedures in healthcare can cause patients, needless discomfort and waste professionals’ time. Without an accessible means to visually assess the human anatomy, healthcare professionals can be at a disadvantage: too often unable to quickly or accurately diagnose the most common – and most critical – aliments of the human body. This isn’t an issue of human capability; it’s an issue of not having the tools needed to effectively get the job done.

In EchoNous, healthcare professionals have the technology partner they need. Each tool is conceived from an in-depth understanding of medicine and a thoughtful design ethos to make devices that excel in their functions and empower their users to solve real problems. Further, EchoNous takes a humanistic approach to medical technology; considering patients and practitioners in the design.