Emergency Medicine

POCUS in emergency medicine

With the ever-changing landscape of health care delivery, a greater proportion of patients are receiving their initial care and diagnostic testing in emergency department. Ultrasound is now an essential tool to expedite triage and time to diagnosis, decreasing morbidity and mortality in critically ill patients. Uses can range from a quick assessment to a more complete examination. It answers specific clinical questions, guides clinical therapy, and can directly impact patient management. Accessibility and availability is key to effective use of ultrasound for emergency medicine. With a new era of affordability and with AI capabilities becoming more available on POCUS, the use model continues to expand.


  • eFAST
    • Assessments for internal injuries in traumatic patients
  • RUSH Exam
    • For undifferentiated shock
  • PEA
    • In cardiac arrest
  • AAA
  • Goal Directed Echocardiography
    • Including IVC
  • Gall Bladder and RUQ
    • To evaluate acure cholecystitis
  • Lung and Pleural
    • Assessment of patients with respiratory failure, pneumothorax, pleural effusion
  •  Renal Exam
    • Management of acute kidney injury, urinary tract infection and kidney stones
  • Procedure Guidance
    • Required for treatment of critical illness or routine management of disease process including vascular access like central line placement (IJC, CFV), difficult peripheral arterial and cenous catheter insertion, incision and drainage of abscess, arthrocentesis, airway management, thoracentesis, lumbar puncture
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Nerve Blocks
  • Soft Tissue/Musculoskeletal Imaging
    • May diagnose some fractures, tendon injuries, and foreign body identification
  • Testicular Exam
    • Cystic and solid lesions, testicular torsion

Kosmos Advantages in Emergency Medicine

Kosmos RUQ on Apple iOS and Android
  • Top Tier Image Quality for Informed Decisions

    Kosmos no-compromise image quality with quick access to presets, gives rapid access to heart, abdominal, lung, MSK and vascular applications

  • One Transducer for Multi-systemic Assessments

    In emergency settings, speed is essential. No need to change probes. The Torso-One provides imaging of heart, lung, abdomen and pelvis

  • Procedural Safety

    Higher resolution compound imaging on Lexsa probe improves visualization of anatomy and needle path

  • Why Wait?

    The ONLY ultraportable device quipped with PW, TDI and CW Doppler, with extensive cardiac calculation package so you can look, measure and decide.

  • AI


    Labels upper quadrant and pelvic anatomy, so less experience users can be more confident in their examination of trauma patients

  • Aa

    Kosmos Trio

    Shorten the learning curve and accelerate your proficiency with Kosmos Trio: Guidance, Grading, and Labeling of the PLAX, A4C and A2C views

  • EF

    Auto EF

    Get quick answers for left ventricular systolic function at the bedside with our AI-driven gold-standard Biplane EF. Trio features can auto-capture your images

  • COMING SOON | Auto Preset

    Touch-free, real-time exam preset optimization

Kosmos AI FAST- Real-time automated AI anatomical labeling and view identification for Apple iOS and Android Tablets.
Kosmos Auto Ejection Fraction with Torso-One on Apple iOS and Android
  • Battery Life

    Ninety minutes of continuous scanning capability allows for reliability during critical times

  • Portability

    Use Kosmos as an ultraportable device or wheel to the bedside on our space efficient AI Stand. Kosmos is easy to store and ready to go

  • Easy to Clean

    Kosmos is Trophon compatible and designed for clinical scenarios where repeated cleaning is required

  • 5-Year Warranty

    We have you covered with our robust, industry-leading warranty serviced by our team in Redmond, Washington

Kosmos Configurations

Kosmos handheld AI POCUS transducers. Torso-One phased array and Lexsa Linear Array probes

Standalone Probes

Torso-One Phased Array probe for heart, lung and abdominal applications

Lexsa Linear Array probe for MSK, Vascular, Nerve, Guidance and Lung applications

Kosmos Plus provides advanced POCUS capabilities at an unheard-of cost under $20,000. Everything is included — cutting-edge AI, advanced Doppler features, multiple transducers, a 12.9-inch iPad® Pro and medical-grade stand — you’ll have what you need to get started right out of the box.

Kosmos Plus

Fully-featured POCUS configuration with everything included – cutting-edge AI, advanced Doppler features, choice of probes, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro®, and medical-grade stand – all for less than $20k  

Tailored for on-the-go clinicians, Kosmos Mobile includes an Apple iPad Air or Pro,® cutting-edge AI, advanced Doppler capabilities, choice of proves, and Kosmos Essential Carrying Case.

Kosmos Mobile

Tailored for clinicians on-the-go, Kosmos Mobile includes an Apple iPad Air or Pro®, the Kosmos Essentials Bag, choice of probes, advanced Doppler features, and our innovative AI capabilities                          

Kosmos Flexibility

Apple iOS iPads, Android tablets or Kosmos proprietary Bridge tablet available for display

Resources & Insights

How is AI transforming POCUS? What’s ahead for providers and patients in ultrasound technology? We’re here to answer these questions — with our in-depth resources.