EchoNous Launches Online Portal to Streamline Ultrasound Education

REDMOND, Wash. – April 22, 2021 – Today, EchoNous announced the launch of Kosmos Universal Platform (UP), a specialized software platform that helps educators streamline and automate the process of teaching POCUS, specifically ultrasound scanning—an emerging and critical skill for modern-day medicine.

Kosmos UP assists educator faculty to help their students master using ultrasound relying on modern-day algorithms and workflow related software.

The platform integrates EchoNous’s Kosmos handheld device with the online portal, leveraging innovative AI applications built within the tools. Kosmos UP manages educational workflow, reduces grading time, and streamlines feedback for the students as well as facilitating research.

Designed by ultrasound expert educators, Kosmos UP enables medical students to build ultrasound skills more efficiently. The platform also helps prepare students for clinical environments in an industry that increasingly requires ultrasound proficiency.

Over the past several years, medical students have begun training earlier to better prepare themselves for emerging expectations during residency. The recent pandemic has thrown additional challenges into this mix, with schools now facing faculty shortages within a remote learning environment. Focused on ultrasound education and distance learning, the Kosmos UP platform makes it easier for educators to catch up and exceed expectations.

“Kosmos UP is going to completely revolutionize the educational platform,” said Dr. Robert Jones, Assistant Dean for Clerkship Education-MHMC, Professor, Emergency Medicine, CWRU at The MetroHealth System. “It will benefit not just learners, but also the faculty by facilitating remote ultrasound learning and managing the workflow solution of the exam data—it’s a complete game-changer.”

Kosmos UP focuses on three core benefits. First, streamlining the feedback process between teachers and students. Through the platform, instructors can annotate reports seamlessly, allowing for more time spent mentoring and less on document review and grading scans.

Second, Kosmos UP allows educators to easily track students’ quantity of acquired images and facilitate interpretation of scans at individual and group levels. This feature enhances the ability to assess students with intelligent performance analytics, allowing curricula programs to be tailored to specific students’ needs.

Finally, students can use Kosmos UP to submit their assignments and generate clinical reports for faculty to review. In turn, faculty can organize educational materials in the content hub and leverage built-in templates to provide quick quality assurance reviews.

“The future of medical innovation begins with the next generation of doctors, and we created Kosmos UP with them in mind,” explained Kevin Goodwin, CEO of EchoNous. “Our goal was to create a platform that would help get medical students to ultrasound proficiency faster and free their instructors to focus more on mentorship than grading. Kosmos UP is the result and we couldn’t be happier to see it rolling out now.”

About EchoNous

Founded in 2016, EchoNous develops industry-leading, intelligent POCUS tools that help medical professionals solve common everyday problems in healthcare. Its flagship device, Kosmos, offers diagnostic-quality heart, lung, and abdominal scans in a handheld tool. The product offers ultrasound, ECG, color PW and CW Doppler capabilities, acts as a digital stethoscope, and provides AI-guided cardiac scanning – an industry first in a single device. Learn more at


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