A highly reliable, all-electronic, non-mechanical bladder tool designed to improve durability

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EchoNous Bladder brings together data-rich fanning, a state-of-the-art AI algorithm using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and a rugged probe design to help nurses quickly determine bladder volume of patients even pregnant and post-partum patients.

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Rugged and Reliable

The highly reliable, all-electronic, non-mechanical bladder scanning probe has no moving parts, thus bringing a new level of reliability and durability.

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Sleek and Ergonomic

Smoothly fan from hip to hip with the EchoNous Bladder probe that is lightweight and comfortable to hold 

Bladder Onscreen Navigationon Tablet

Engaging Onscreen Navigation

Onscreen prompts are designed to help you easily and quickly acquire bladder volume 

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EchoNous is focused on providing tools that deliver the best accuracy and reliability when used on live patients. Thus the AI algorithm is designed to learn and improve over time as more data is captured

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Either roll EchoNous Bladder on the AI Station or carry it by hand in the new EchoNous Carrying Case 

EchoNous AI Station

EchoNous Carrying Case  

Five Year

Effortless Warranty

With its 5-year product warranty, EchoNous Bladder has one of the industry's lowest cost of ownership 


The fanning technique allows for more data to be captured. More data helps support a more accurate 3D representation of the bladder, which yields more accuracy to help you make clinical decisions about catheterization.  

Reduce the number of tools you have to go searching for as the EchoNous bladder pairs with the EchoNous Vein so that the tools you need for bladder scanning and vascular access are all on one platform. 

The EchoNous Bladder probe is non-mechanical meaning there are no moving parts in the probe bringing improved durability and less frustration for your team that manages repairs.

With a 5-year warranty, replacements are shipped overnight priority to ensure your clinical team has the equipment they need.


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