Android Users Get Substantial Update On Kosmos

Kosmos handheld ultrasound system is now the most advanced ultrasound solution for compatible Android devices

We are excited to announce a major expansion to Kosmos on Android, increasing the capabilities and performance for both Lexsa (Linear) and Torso-One (Phased Array) probes. This significant and substantial upgrade further positions the Kosmos platform as the leading handheld ultrasound solution for Point-of-Care.

This release on Android empowers users to access every feature currently available on the Kosmos platform, including groundbreaking AI educational tools. In addition, this release extends the capabilities of the overall platform, by bringing features new to the Kosmos Lexsa, like Pulsed Wave Doppler (PW), Color Powered Doppler (CPD), and Vascular Calculations.  

Read more about this major update to the Kosmos platform by reading the full press release here.

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