Critical Care Nurses Attending NTI 2018 Will Have Hands-On Preview Of EchoNous’ New Vein Finding Tool

May 21, 2018 Ultrasound In Use Edt

Pending FDA 510k clearance, new vein finding tool is designed to improve first-time peripheral IV (PIV) placement and help improve HCAHPS patient satisfaction scores.

EchoNous, a developer of intelligent medical tools and the parent company of Signostics, is applying the emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI) with the extreme miniaturization of ultrasound to solve common everyday problems in health care. During the National Teaching Institute (NIT) & Critical Care Exposition, May 22-24 at the Boston Convention & Exhibits Center, EchoNous will be providing critical care nurses hands-on demonstrations of the EchoNous Vein1 – a new, best-in-class tool designed to improve first-time peripheral IV (PIV) placement.

The soon-to-be released EchoNous Vein is designed specifically for nurses inserting peripheral IV catheters by providing an immediate and clear image of veins using just two-button controls. The easy-to-use device also includes optimized settings for use with adults and pediatrics.

As one of the most commonly performed minimally-invasive procedures, and the gateway to further treatment, PIV placement can be challenging due to chronic illness, chemotherapy, obesity and drug abuse, with first-attempt IV catheter insertions failing in up to 26% of adults and 54% of children according to an article published in the Journal of Infusion Nursing2.

“As it is often times the first interaction a patient has with care providers, a failed IV insertion not only holds up care from the beginning, but can impact a patient’s HCAHPS satisfaction survey. For both adults and pediatrics, our new vein finding tool was designed to help reduce ‘hard sticks’ and improve patient satisfaction,” said Kevin Goodwin, CEO of EchoNous. “Critical care nurses understand the value of not only quickly locating a vein, but receiving reliable information about vessel quality, so we look forward to hearing their direct feedback how our vascular access tool does both, with the ease of a few on-screen touches.”

Nurses attending the NTI 2018 are invited to learn more about the EchoNous Vein by visiting Booth #3242 during the conference.

1This device is currently 510(k) pending. The information contained herein is provided for informational purposes only. The device is not for sale and we are not currently accepting any orders.

2Helm, Robert E., et al. Accepted but Unacceptable: Peripheral IV Catheter Failure. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 2015 May-Jun;38(3):189-203.

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