Medical Advisory Board

The EchoNous Medical Advisory Board is a consortium of experienced and highly respected physicians from across a wide range of specialties such as Internal, Emergency, and Family Medicine. This diverse set of professionals provides our team of engineers, scientists, and developers ongoing feedback on product development, insights into specific end-user benefits, and real-world knowledge to ensure our products and services exceed the needs of healthcare providers today and in the future.

Dr Moustakidis

Dr. Moustakidis

Dr Tierney

Dr. Tierney

Dr Lumb

Dr. Lumb

Dr Dulchavsky

Dr. Dulchavsky

Dr Deutchman

Dr. Deutchman

Dr Lewiss

Dr. Lewiss

Dr Li

Dr. Li

Dr Postley

Dr. Postley

Dr Bowra

Dr. Bowra


Dr. Goldstein


Dr. Weisberger

Nelson  Schiller Edit

Dr. Schiller

Shin  Yong Edit

Dr. Shin


Dr. Szerlip

Dr Mallin

Dr. Mallin

Dr Case

Dr. Case

Dr  Shin 819 V3

Dr. Shin

Dr  Favot 819 V2

Dr. Favot

Dr Christakis 819 V2

Dr. Christakis

Dr Arntfield V2

Dr. Arntfield

Dr Nelson 819 V4

Dr. Nelson

Mladenovic 819

Dr. Mladenovic

Dr Liu Photo

Dr. Liu