EchoNous Appoints Graham Cox as CEO

Industry-veteran brings more than four decades of point-of-care ultrasound leadership experience

REDMOND, Wash. – May 16, 2023 – EchoNous, the point-of-care ultrasound company that is redefining the handheld ultrasound category, today announced the appointment of industry-expert Graham Cox as their chief executive officer (CEO). Cox previously served as the chief commercial officer at EchoNous.

As the global handheld ultrasound market continues to see strong growth, EchoNous is positioned to accelerate its mission to make handheld ultrasound more capable and easier to use by employing proprietary AI and cutting edge ASIC-based ultrasound technology. Cox is charged with driving aggressive growth as EchoNous continues to execute its ambitious Roadmap.

“We are thrilled to see Mr. Cox step-in as CEO at this important stage in the company’s growth,” said Doug Logigian, EchoNous chairman of the board. “With Graham’s experience and track record as a global point-of-care ultrasound leader, we are confident in his ability to lead the EchoNous business to new heights and make a lasting impact in the world of point-of-care Medicine.”

“EchoNous is poised for success, and I am honored to lead this talented team as we continue to break new ground,” said the newly appointed Cox. “By harnessing the power of AI in combination with capabilities never seen before on handheld ultrasound devices, EchoNous is uniquely positioned to help clinicians improve care and patient experiences around the world.” The name EchoNous translates in the English language to mean intelligent sound – with echo meaning sound and nous meaning intelligence. The name embodies the team’s vision to go beyond merely creating another ultrasound machine. EchoNous aims to pioneer new ways to solve clinical problems that make point-of-care ultrasound more accessible, more capable and easier to learn.

Founded just seven years ago, the company continues to accelerate development of AI capabilities, Android and iOS compatibility and additional functionality for its Torso and Lexsa transducers.

About EchoNous

Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, EchoNous, creates transformative handheld point-of-care ultrasound solutions by infusing premium ultrasound performance with industry-leading AI to make expert insights accessible for every user. 

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