EchoNous & UltraSight Partner to Enable More Accessible Cardiac Ultrasound for Patients

New partnership to bring the benefits of cardiac imaging to new healthcare settings

We are excited to share the news of an incredible partnership with UltraSight, a digital health pioneer transforming cardiac imaging through the power of AI. Together, we are empowering healthcare professionals to perform cardiac ultrasounds more effectively, ultimately increasing patient access to cardiac care.

The collaboration between UltraSight and EchoNous addresses a critical need in the field: high-quality cardiac imaging. Our Kosmos handheld ultrasound device has garnered acclaim for its superior image quality and advanced features. By incorporating UltraSight’s AI solution, clinicians can now acquire diagnostic-quality cardiac ultrasound images seamlessly. The partnership with UltraSight provides the necessary tools to make life-saving diagnoses and enhance cardiac care, especially for patients in rural areas.

Find the link to the full press release here.