A new advance for Bladder and Kidney Care!

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Effective April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2020, Signostics, the global innovator in smart, high reliability ultrasound devices, is excited to announce their contractual partnership with Vizient, the nation’s largest member-owned health services company (Contract XR0421).

“We are very excited after just 9 months from introducing our new Uscan device to the US market that we now have the opportunity to partner with Vizient,” said Kevin Goodwin, CEO.

Uscan is a breakthrough in bladder and kidney care utilizing cutting-edge, hand-held ultrasound technology along with the emerging field of artificial intelligence.

We have experienced a resoundingly positive response from US health systems and Urology practices throughout the US with weekly wins to report.

The Uscan device is proving to deliver industry leading accuracy* in the measurement of bladder volume residual, and it is our intention to extend its clinical value for the nursing community to improve efficiency and safety by adding additional clinical capabilities.

Following FDA clearance in March 2016, Uscan has been successfully evaluated at more than 100 hospitals and to numerous Urologists, and has been immediately selected by many major health systems for full house conversion in lieu of “conventional bladder scanners.”

Uscan is the world’s first advanced ultrasound tool for bladder care, representing a new category and breakthrough. The device uses advanced ultrasound signal processing as well as algorithms derived from the science of machine learning.

Uscan actively recognizes the 3D contours of the bladder, for far more accurate volume measurements than the industry standard* even on obese and other hard-to-scan patients by acquiring up to 256 bladder slices – 32 times more than conventional bladder scanners – resulting in industry-leading precision.

Additionally, Uscan offers added clinical capacity through real-time ultrasound imaging of the kidneys, pelvic floor, prostate, gallbladder, bladder stones, and urological catheter placement.

Uscan is based on the Android operating system, with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity enabling fast and reliable image management and interoperability with electronic health record (EHR) systems.

We are focused on raising the bar for Vizient in both product performance and value and most importantly customer service and cost of ownership.

Posted by: Tanya Amri, Director of Marketing & Communications

About Signostics
Signostics Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Signostics Limited, whose parent company, Echonous, Inc., is a KKR portfolio company.

* Based on comparative measurements of a phantom of known volume