Kosmos Mobile

Kosmos Mobile is the latest innovation in point-of-care ultrasound technology from EchoNous. Designed for the demands of critical settings, this portable POCUS solution enables timely, accurate diagnostics at the point of care.

Tailored for on-the-go clinicians, Kosmos Mobile includes an Apple iPad Air or Pro®, the Kosmos Essentials Bag, choice of probes, advanced Doppler features, and our innovative AI capabilities. For medical professionals on the move, the combination of EchoNous’ POCUS AI with the mobility of an iPad elevates patient care while promoting enhanced patient outcomes and workflow efficiency.

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Tailored for on-the-go clinicians, Kosmos Mobile includes an Apple iPad Air or Pro,® cutting-edge AI, advanced Doppler capabilities, choice of proves, and Kosmos Essential Carrying Case.

Kosmos Mobile is designed for you:

Kosmos by EchoNous for Anesthesiology


Kosmos by EchoNous for Cardiology


Kosmos by EchoNous for Critical Care

Critical Care

Kosmos by EchoNous for for Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Kosmos by EchoNous for Family Medicine

Primary Care

Kosmos by EchoNous for Nephrology


What's available on Kosmos?


AI-driven grading, guiding, and labeling of the cardiac anatomy


AI-driven anatomical labeling and view identification

Auto EF

AI-driven ejection fraction and stoke volume


Site-specific velocity interrogation of blood flow


The ONLY handheld with CW capabilities


Complete assessment of diastolic function

Color Doppler

Color representation of blood flow velocity & direction within a specific region of interest​


Color representation of amplitude of vasculature within a specific region of interest​

& much more...

AI + Doppler Features

Our intelligent POCUS solution on iOS provides AI-assisted workflows (Trio, AI FAST, AI-Assisted EF Workflow) and advanced Doppler imaging (PW, TDI, CW, Color Doppler, Color Power Doppler), to give you the clinical insights you need for every care scenario.

Kosmos Trio (Guidance, Grading, and Labeling of cardiac anatomy) on select Apple iOS and Android tablets