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Clinical performance benchmarked against cart based systems.
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Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Torso-One Probe

Phased array technology
provides imaging for
cardiology and
abdominal scanning

Torso Probe

3 signal technology
in one probe. Features 2D,
PW, CW, Color, and TDI

Lexsa Probe

Linear array for small parts,
lung and
vascular applications



Point-of-care ultrasound has always been associated with compromise, especially when the form factor is ultraportable. Here at EchoNous, we refused to bow to this paradigm and chose to deliver high quality imaging by leveraging advanced CPU technology and proprietary ASICS.

Our approach enables an industry first CW capability in an ultraportable device.


What others are saying

“Kosmos with its AI can put clinically useful ultrasound imaging in the hands of almost any physician.”

- Calvin Weisberger


“When I looked at other products and saw the imaging, as a beginning ultra sonographer, I thought the quality imaging was superior using Komos and that made my job much easier to accomplish.”

- Dr. Ki Shin

Primary Care Physician

“I always carry it around in my hospital, especially when I’m on call. For it’s size, I’ve never experienced such high quality imaging with all the applications I need.”

- Christofer Muhr

Internal Medicine Specialist

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Our dedication to developing meaningful solutions in hardware, AI, and education/training, translates to offering high quality, top-tier products with AI fueled interpretations which continue to get smarter!

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