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The first AI-assisted handheld ultrasound
tool to increase diagnostic confidence at
the bedside. Now every clinician can
perform heart, lung and abdominal assessments in minutes.


Five Year

We have you covered

We believe all of our customers should have access to the tools and resources to not only get started, but also to maximize effectiveness of the devices throughout the years. 

Thus, we provide a 5-year warranty that covers even an accidental drop of the probe. This not only aims to minimize downtime, but also prevent costly repairs and maintenance, eliminating the need for extended warranty contracts.  

First and foremost, it's about the jobs you need to get done.

Modern science is allowing humans to teach machines how to learn so that they can be better tools. What we can accomplish with the power of AI is vast, and EchoNous has gathered some of the best scientists and visionaries in the industry to make dramatic improvement where it matters, at the point of patient care.

We are developing powerful medical tools that combine emerging AI techniques with extremely miniaturized ultrasound for a highly frictionless experience to enable nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to transcend the previous best in medicine.

The improvements may seem ordinary – avoided catherization with accurate bladder volume measurement, avoided multiple sticks with guided peripheral IV insertion – but we consider the impact, trust, to be remarkable.  And we are just beginning.

EchoNous Brings AI to Ultrasound

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Current Products

Homepage Kosmos V3


Redefine the physical exam with the Confidence of AI-powered Ultrasound

See more, know more, and do more with synchronized ultrasound, digital auscultation and ECG in one powerful tool

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November 2018 Update 04 Vein

EchoNous Vein

Immediately clear image using two-button control for finding and assessing veins quickly - specifically designed for nurses inserting peripheral IV catheters.

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Homepage Bladder V4

EchoNous Bladder

Quickly determine bladder volume with the highly reliable, all-electronic, non-mechanical EchoNous Bladder probe designed with a new level of durability 

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