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High performance ultrasound benchmarked against cart-based machines at the fraction of the cost

Quick- look handheld POCUS

Only Kosmos ultraportable ultrasound has the double-punch of US2.AI and innovative proprietary AI software or hardware, to give you diagnostic quality equal to a cart-based system

Stop relying entirely on large carts

No need to rely on a large cart based ultrasound system. Kosmos with proprietary xM chip technology is benchmarked against high level systems

Reduce your echo referrals

Kosmos’ ultraportable technology saves time at the bedside and reduces echo referrals by greater than 90%

Empower yourself with AI

Kosmos is the AI-driven tool that experts are calling a game changer in peroperative care. Medical professionals have found the AI is easy to adapt for their practice

An ultrasound system that lowers cost of care and is suitable for all body types

Kosmos Platform
Changing the Paradigm of POCUS

Top-Tier Performance

Image quality benchmarked against cart based systems

Comprehensive Cardiac Calculations Packages

With automated reports

5- Year Warranty for Bridge and Probes

Kosmos hardware is drop tested from 3 feet to withstand the rigors of point-of-care environment

AI- Driven Software

Automated Guiding, Grading and Labeling for novice users

Kosmos Platform
Changing the Paradigm of POCUS

Advanced Feature Sets

The only ultraportable offering PW, CW, CDI, and TDI capabilities

High Quality Display

Kosmos proprietary robust high quality display, or use with Android tablet

One Probe

For abdominal and cardiac scanning

Training Programs

On-site and online training programs