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Kosmos AI is designed to help clinicians use ultrasound more efficiently. here's why it matters for oncology.

Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) brings the convenience of immediate imaging to the bedside. It is transforming care delivery across healthcare settings by complementing traditional imaging, quickly aiding treatment decisions, and supporting procedures like IV placements. Kosmos offers tools and AI-powered workflows that make POCUS easier to learn and more efficient.

For oncologists, POCUS can be an invaluable tool in the management of cancer patients. It gives clinicians the ability to give patients instant feedback for various medical conditions. A 2024 study, “Artificial Intelligence-assisted Evaluation of Cardiac Function by Oncology Staff in Chemotherapy Patients”, reported sensitivities between 86 and 95% and specificities between 87 and 94% for the oncology staff in detecting LVEF below 50% (after one month of training), indicating high diagnostic performance.

Using POCUS in oncology has valuable applications including guided fluid aspiration, assessing ejection fraction for monitoring cardiac function, and measuring deep or superficial lesions before, during, or after therapy. By reducing the need to refer patients elsewhere for these measurements and providing documented reports for billing and record-keeping, POCUS offers significant utility and a strong return on investment for cancer care practices.

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Applications in Oncology

  • Identify the presence of fluid with the FASC Exam (Focused Assessment with Sonography in Cancer)
  • Quickly obtain Ejection Fraction at the bedside
Kosmos in Oncology

Evidence-based Benefits

  • Strong diagnostic performance
  • Operationally feasible by oncology staff
  • Effective for POCUS learners
  • Reliable & consistent results
Oncology staff uses Kosmos to evaluate LVEF paper and

"Oncology staff can accurately measure the heart function of a patient in real-time, at the bedside"

Dr. Dimitrios Dionysopulos, Senior Medical Oncologist
Dr. Dimitrios Dionysopulos
Senior Oncologist

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Auto Preset

AI-driven workflow enhancement that will optimize preset during multi-organ lung, abdominal and cardiac scanning

Auto Doppler

AI-driven cardiac workflow enhancement for auto sample gate placement and interrogation

Kosmos Capabilities


AI-driven grading, guiding, and labeling of the cardiac anatomy


AI-driven anatomical labeling and view identification

Auto EF

AI-driven ejection fraction and stoke volume


Site-specific velocity interrogation of blood flow


The ONLY handheld with CW capabilities


Complete assessment of diastolic function

Color Doppler

Color representation of blood flow velocity & direction within a specific region of interest​


Color representation of amplitude of vasculature within a specific region of interest​

& much more...